Valentine's Day

Feelings and emotions are hard to categorize and understand sometimes. We are raised on having certain feelings towards some things or some people. As we grow up and get to university life, our bubbles keep expanding and our perception of emotions change. 

We start to discover what or who we actually like or love, and that is an ongoing process that keeps taking different directions for some. It can be overwhelming and scary and our own vision of ourselves can get blurry. 

What gets me scratching my head the most, is love. Can anyone really define their love to someone? Or explain it?

We meet people through our lives and sometimes if we’re lucky we catch feelings, and if we’re extra lucky, they do too. You feel it, absorb it and get your head around it; you’ll believe you’ve figured it out. 

Written by: Joseph Haazen

But did you really?

It keeps manifesting in different forms with different people and trying to differentiate and understand it, is confusing. Do we love them because we’re too comfortable together? Are we infatuated with a sort of attention or affection we are receiving? Is it their personality that sparks something we haven’t felt before? Is it their physical beauty we cannot comprehend? Is it all of the above? Or are there more reasons that we haven’t figured out yet? 

Everyone falls in love with more than one person in their lifetime, sometimes it is in the form of a crush, or a short-term relationship.

Later in life we tend to stick with one person for the rest of our lives. 

We promise to love them forever. Here, love becomes a promise, that sometimes is very difficult to keep. As the world grows, so does love. We are in a world that has derived an ample of possible definitions of love and became more accepting of giving and seeing those forms of love. Whether it's romantic, sexual or just platonic, we have expanded our hearts and mindsets to accept more and perhaps even want more. 

Graphics: Szabó Anna

Now that we are more connected than ever, with dating apps that are used globally, we can connect to billions of beautiful humans and have a chance at experiencing love from different people and places.

Especially when you’re at a university abroad with thousands of international students and Erasmus people; love always finds its way to connect people together and lead their hearts to places they never dreamt of going.  

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I am encouraging you to take a risk, open up for love and it will come knocking before you even know it. So, cease the cliché and spread the love to your partner or the people you love.  Without trying to overthink it, finding answers to all these questions, but just accept love as it is, and in the way it crosses your path. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!