Seasonal impact on mood

How does the season affect your mood? Yes, you heard it right, season does leave an impact on your mood. Quite interestingly some people actually feel alterations in their moods and state of mind, due to the different weather changes. They are more likely to feel down or less happy in cold weather than in the warmer days. And these are backed by scientific explanations.

What is SAD?

Seasonal affective disorder is the scientific term used to identify these mood swings. It is a type of depression, where people are most vulnerable in the winter or fall season, but it may affect people in summer and spring as well. According to the 2014 research report given by Weather Channel, 50% of women are more inclined to report their mood shifts and suffering from the season. 



The scientific explanation for this situation is that during winters, the sunlight decreases, resulting in the drop of Ultraviolet levels, hence meddling with the serotonin and melatonin hormones that are responsible for the sleep-wake cycle and mood.

Higher levels of serotonin result in happiness whereas higher levels of melatonin result in sadness.

What happens in the winter is that due to lower Ultraviolet levels, serotonin starts converting into melatonin, therefore higher melatonin in the body makes a person sadder or may lead to depression. Lower Ultraviolet levels may also influence the vitamin D in your body making you feel less active.


Furthermore, the most prominent symptoms of SAD (Seasonal affective disorder) are depression, lethargy, cravings for high starch foods, to optimize body temperatures such as potatoes or coffee, overeating, and oversleeping. Therefore explains why people usually crave morning coffee during winters.


But on the brighter side! This can be prevented with home remedies. Diet can leave a major impact on your mood, by simply eating more vitamin D-rich food such as eggs, spinach, or mushrooms or you can also buy vitamin D3 supplements that are widely available in Dm or pharmacies over the counter.  You can also start going out more often for a walk to expose yourself to more sunlight. This might also be a good time to arrange gatherings or meetings with your friends over a coffee following safety precautions of course.

And last but not least, one of the healthier habits you can develop is exercise because why not, it will attribute to your physical fitness and work on your mood side by side.

Concluding with my final remarks I would personally emphasize the fact that if you have the above-mentioned experiences, do consider this as one of the reasons for your current mood, by looking out for the general symptoms. Or even reaching out to a doctor if you feel confused about it that way you can adopt certain preventive habits which would tremendously affect your mood in a better way. We wish you good health forever, regardless of the weather.