Our distance from A to B

John and his friend Eric were sitting at the cafe, sipping their coffees on a Monday morning. Within 15 minutes, they had to leave so they could hit their workplace just in time. John was casually surfing on the internet and scrolling through his social media. He saw a photo captioned: “Goals for life”, the image showed vast green fields surrounded with mountains, natural fruits and healthy vegetables, fresh milk and butter, a peaceful life far away from all the noise and hustle.

“Oh man, look, this place is just AMAZING!”. John sighed for a moment “hey Eric check this out, man I just want to spend the rest of my life here”.

Eric, who was going through his reports glanced at the picture for a moment and nodded

“yeah, this place is great, anyways we should get going, it’s already 8:50 and I don’t like Richard (boss) taunting me in front of the entire staff, So LET’S GO!

On their way to the office Eric was distressed about his reports but he couldn’t keep his focus. Deep down he was going through a small breakdown and all he could think of was that picture. If somehow, he could escape all this noise, leave his problems behind and live his life away on an island or a mountain.

He entered his cabin and started his computer. His Facebook was already signed in, and the first post he saw was that of an old grey-haired man sitting on a chair. Somebody asked him: What’s the hardest thing for you right now? To which the old man gave a troubled smile, replying:

“Not being able to do anything”.

For a minute Eric was stunned.

“I am going to grow old too!” he murmured to himself. “And soon enough I will be on my deathbed, who is going to remember me, my journey will come to an end too, and no one will ever know the distance I travelled, the distance from A to B”. His own thoughts gave him a minor blackout.

Our distance from A to B?

The fate that is written in the lives of all the human beings living on Earth!

We are human beings; gifted with a single brain, a heart, few emotions and a perfect body. All of us are similar in one way or another.

Our lives resemble each other pretty much, though we do not know it.

Let’s make it a bit easier: a person is traveling, from point A to point B and in this journey, he must carry 1kg of rice. After a couple of miles another 1kg will be added. The amount of rice will keep on increasing until he has reached his destination, “Point B”. There is no way he can get rid of the load and he must deliver everything at the destination.

A time will come when he would feel the load of rice on his shoulders, the tension in his muscles and all the blood pumping in his veins, consuming all his force but he can’t get rid of the load no matter what, so he must keep on moving.

He will face a bit of fatigue and cramps, but the journey will continue. Slowly and gradually his muscles will evolve and grow strong. His level of endurance is elevated, his physique gets accustomed to the heavy load and his arms are ready to accept further weight.

Sooner a time will come that his arms get used to the load of rice and he doesn’t feel any discomfort or burden on further addition, in fact he enjoys it!

When he reaches his destination, point B, and realizes that he carried a 1000 kg over his shoulders. He rejoices in his own happiness and the people around him are amazed. He is remembered as the “mighty man” who carried 1000 kg on his back.

Now let’s replace point A with the day we are born, the day we come into this world and point B: the day we die. The whole distance/journey is our life that we all must live and finally the load; our problems, bad situations, and responsibilities that continue to overtake us before we leave this world for good.

Life is all about carrying the extra load; dealing with your problems and responsibilities. Life teaches us tough lessons that we never forget. We must face all these harsh realities and experience some of the most depressing moments of our lives too. But all these are just smaller levels preparing us for the boss battles in the future.

The moment we start facing our issues and challenges, we get so acquainted to them that we start enjoying them.

This is the moment when you start pushing yourself to further limits.

You continue stretching yourself despite how difficult it feels and once you have successfully overcome the challenge you gain an appreciation of what you are capable of. History shows it all, how each resistant and hardworking person was remembered for centuries, just because they were the ones who made peace with their hardships and continued challenging themselves above and beyond the norm.

The world would only remember those who reached their point B with extraordinary loads, extraordinary accomplishments. They are remembered as legends and their stories are told for centuries.

We must all erase the picture that all of us have set in our minds, our fantasies! Our wish of living a stress-free life, away from all the troubles.

Instead we must focus on our struggles and channel our hardships in the right way. No matter how much it hurts right now, someday you will look back and realize that your struggles changed your life for the better. A peaceful life is for the weak!

"Your nest is not in the gilded domes of luxurious palaces, you are the mighty eagle, your eyrie is on the highest peaks of mountains!" (Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal)