One last goodbye

Here we are standing again on the edge of another story, and taking one last look at the pages we have lived. Despite every hardship we faced along those days we had the luxury of sitting back and reflecting upon our lives, our hellos and our goodbyes.

In a lively city where the hellos usually outweigh the goodbyes, we took our farewells for granted. We had mistaken some ‘see you soon’ with what could have been a wholehearted goodbye, had we known the extent of the circumstances that were yet to manifest.

I believe at least one of you readers had thought that they would see a friend in a week or two, but weeks turned into months and the months turned to a year.

The bittersweetness in such unexpected goodbyes perhaps lies in our will to keep those connections alive and make the promises of reunions, promises so powerful coated with hope, love, yearning and a dash of sadness. The best thing we can do with those promises is carry them with us to the days to come, however, when we do that, we should not let them weigh us down nor hold us back.

We should let them carry us and fly us above the loneliness and despair, let them lead us to a better place and better days.

They are the clouds that rain to give us a rainbow at the dawn of a new day, and we should ride with those promises across our skies; whether they be stormy or blue, just look around and you will find us there for you.  

As our days go by, we get closer to the day we, you and I, will have to leave and have our own last goodbyes. That day for you may be far, or may be just around the corner but nonetheless we will find ourselves standing on the edge of our own story taking one last look around. We could be standing there alone or we could still have some company in our hands, but fear not, embrace what you have and embrace what you have become, and embrace all the people you found along the way because the ones that love us, never really leave us.

“Everything ends and it's always sad, but everything begins again, too. And that's always happy. Be happy.

/Steven Moffat/