Mecsextrém Park-Pécs: unleash your inner child

Are you tired of studying or have the lockdown blues got you down? The Mecsextrém Park is your best bet to get some thrill back in your life!

Mecsextrém is a venturesome park with numerous activities which will excite you to your core. 

This initiative was started by Mecsekerdő Zrt. and was launched in 2006 and making it one of the biggest adventure parks in Hungary.

The park caters to a variety of people as it is suitable for all ages, families, and large groups on reservations.

The location of the park is just outside of the city Pécs and it is easily accessible through bus route number 4 or the local autobus of Komló. The journey takes up to 30 minutes from all areas around Pécs.

Once you arrive in the park, a feeling of excitement and revitalization is felt due to the stimulating flora and scenery surrounding the park. The forest is divided into segments of games and activities, categorizing the games according to age, difficulty levels and safety. The type of activities include climbing trees (with prior on spot training and gadgets), rope sliding in the forest from one tree to another on different altitudes to much more but in the heart of this forest you will find the “The BOB'', a beautifully designed forest roller coaster with turns and twists that will leave your heart pounding for a moment. The working staff is excellent and helpful, I had an interactive tour with their well-organized manager Brigitta who has devoted seven years of her life to the park and has maintained it so much so that once you’ve stepped in you never want to leave!

Below is an image of the main fun activities in the park that you can’t miss.

•             Rope courses (1 child, 2 junior, 4 adults + 2 tyro lien/sliding rope courses)

•             Bob (1050 m long in the forest) Second longest bob in Hungary!

•             Climbing wall

•             Doughnut slide

•             3D Circle

•             Rodeo bull

•             X-jump

•             Shooting simulator

•             Inside, two-storied playhouse, etc.

One needs at least 3-4 hours to be able to take pleasure in all the rides!

They are sure to give you the break that you never knew you needed!

The park specialises in arranging group activities and events that are sure to be memorable.

Such as:

  • Teambuilding activities (3 hours, established themed series which is synchronized by an animator)
  • Birthday, Name day parties
  • Night program: Bob sliding in the night (every Friday night in the summer)
  • Themed days
  • Summer Camp for teenagers
  • Airsoft shooting game in the jungle
  • Dining possibility at Tepsifüles Restaurant

Second from the left (manager) among PTE students wearing safety kits before roping

So, my PTE colleagues and I arrived at the park excited as it was our first-ever adventure park experience. We had no clue that the surface area of the park would be massive and have countless games. 

The prices are quite reasonable for students and for families/groups as well.

•             Adult daily ticket: 4 290 Ft/person - unlimited use of all games 

•             Student daily ticket: 3 790 Ft/person - unlimited use of all games

•             Senior daily ticket: 3 790 Ft/person - unlimited use of all games

•             Group daily ticket: 3 290 Ft/person (from 10 people) - unlimited use of all games

•             3 slides Bob ticket: 2 290 Ft/person – 3 slides on the Bob/person

If you would consider being a frequent visitor at this adventurous spot but you are wary of the costs, do not fret as they’ve got your back with their seasonal ticket!

•             Season ticket: 14 990 Ft/person – unlimited use during the whole season

Furthermore, safety concerns are above all, I do recommend a good pair of shoes and a pair of gym gloves will come handy at the park for sure. The team at the Mecsextrém Park trains and guides you prior to any activity you’re about to perform. You’re provided with the proper gadgets, such as helmets, strings, ropes etc. They have a fully equipped rescue team in case you’re left hanging on a rope, no need to worry. It might all seem a bit difficult and overwhelming but once you go step by step you’ll feel like a conqueror, besides it’s the small victories that motivate us right? 

On that note, I would like to end and recommend you to pay a visit with your friends for an active fun-loving time.