Lockdown Thoughts

In times like these, solitary can teach us many things about ourselves. Being comfortable with our own company can be a challenge that just keeps getting more complex. To be suddenly separated from the ones you love can be difficult to cope with, some can have it harsher than others but it still does not lessen the blow. 

Sometimes it is hard to be without the company we are used to being around. With online classes in action and the increase of assignments keeping up mentally with the world is tiresome. We can only take deep breaths and inhale hopes and exhale worries.

Change however is inevitable. Our routines are never the same, well almost never, to some of us nothing much changed from not leaving the house.

Our capabilities to accept those changes come at play here but also facing change without guidance or advice we can find ourselves laying in bed for 24 hours straight. 

The challenge is to find something to keep ourselves busy indoors. And let us be honest, studying just isn’t it. It’s only a heavy load of guilt we ignore while doing nothing. The key here is discovering new activities and having enough patience to go through them at least once. For example, reorganizing a closet can be productive, sure it’s tiring to put everything out, but you can rediscover what you own and prepare outfits for when this quarantine ends. 

One of the best advantages of technologies lie in our phones with video calls and facetime. How different can it be if they’re next to you on the couch or in front of you on the screen? Which also could be on the couch. This extra free time is perfect to bring out cooking skills and develop them. 

Cooking and baking in my opinion should be basic life skills that everyone should develop. Putting energy in food and the sweet you will enjoy yourself with others is a feeling to keep your stomach full and stay safe from those extra kilos. Or if you have a sweet tooth and want more sugar in your life, a personal favorite recipe of mine is mug cakes in the microwave, easy, fast and simple, google it.

If you’re at home with family, there is no reason you shouldn’t let your mother teach you some dishes.

And if you are quarantining alone, here comes video calls and the internet for rescue. It really is a joy, try it once before deciding not to again, someday you might end up in an apartment alone abroad during a lockdown, who knows?

You need to learn how to feed yourself. 

If you thought I would not get to this topic, you thought wrong. You should go and clean your room or flat.

You can never be too safe or clean for that matter in an age of panic and pandemic. And of course, do not panic, it’s the whole mantra of this. Good hygiene is vital and care is necessary when meeting others from outside and if you’re doing so, take it down a notch. 

A useful tip is organizing a small office space when it’s class time. It will give you some sort of motivation and accomplishment feeling when it’s over.

Then take a break, cook and eat something, start studying again but also divide and conquer; pressuring yourself to do everything in one go is no use. Time management can save your sanity. 

So, take a piece of advice or two from me and get off Netflix cause you’re not paying attention anyways and do something to shake up that routine.

The only way we can salvage these times and still feel alive is in doing those small things that on a normal day we would not even think of. 

Last but not least, talk to your friends and family, share whatever thoughts or worries you have, because you are not the only one having them. Stay safe, stay clean and be well.