It's Easter time again

Easter is a celebration that came from Christianity. It commemorates the day that Christians believe Jesus was resurrected. Every major religion and pagans alike have some major ceremony about the return or resurrection of spring with birth and renewal as a theme. It is also the time for the observance of Passover in the Jewish faith. Easter is the most important day in the Christian calendar. It is the main religious feast in Christianity followed by Christmas. 

Even if you aren’t religious, During this time we reflect on the concept of death and loss. So just as the seasons change throughout the year, Easter is about the seasons of our lives changing, there is hope for our future, especially after a difficult struggle.

We are reminded that separation from our loved ones after they die is temporary. Easter emphasizes that there is life after death.

You may wonder, if this holiday is about Jesus’ death and resurrection, then why do we have Easter eggs? According to Sharpey Schafer an English physiologist, it’s because “eggs are a sign of birth”.

Let’s hear how students from the University of Pécs usually spend their Easter and the significance it holds to them. Enjoy the holiday!

Erdenesuld Enkhatmir 

Faculty of Business and Economics


What's your favourite Easter food?

Has to be chocolate Easter eggs 

How do you usually spend Easter time in your home country and what you enjoy most about it?

Mongolia doesn’t really celebrate Easter however I do have fond memories of me drawing Easter eggs when I was a child for a school project. Once having moved to Hungary last year I began to realise that it was a greatly celebrated holiday here and decided to join in on the fun by purchasing a big chocolate Easter Egg.

Adelaide Ofosu-Brakoh

Faculty of Business and Economics


What's your favourite Easter food?

For Easter...I'd say a local dish called fufu with palmnut soup

How do you usually spend Easter time in your home country and what you enjoy most about it?

I'll start with what I enjoy....during the Easter holidays families usually gather get the chance to relax and have fun with the members you might not have been able to meet in a while. There's usually a church service in the morning on at least one of the days where everyone dresses up and celebrates. Leaving just the "family chefs" to start the cooking for the party. After the service, everyone gathers back at the house and the older people cook and converse and have fun. The "youth" are around to be sent on errands and catch up on each other’s social lives(of course they sometimes sneak out to hang out with friends) and the children can always be found running underfoot everywhere. Now more than ever I miss how much fun it always is just to be with family and close friends.

Alexandra Török

Faculty of Health Sciences 


What's your favourite Easter food?

I don’t really like Easter food to be honest, but if I have to choose I would go with horse-radish with eggs and ham.

How do you usually spend Easter time in your home country and what you enjoy most about it?

We visit my uncle who lives in a small village, and we enjoy the silence of the village while spending quality time together. We usually fast the day before, and when Easter comes we find ourselves more excited about the food prepared. The main agenda for the day is to talk and eat. The day after, men read women poems and ask for consent before throwing buckets of water on them (lately it’s been replaced with perfume spraying) in exchange for small gifts which come in the form of pálinka, painted eggs or money. 

Hakhakhi Maphupha

Faculty of Sciences

South Africa (from the Venda tribe)

What's your favourite Easter food?

Favourite food would be rice and meat (beef stew), with a lot of side dishes.

How do you usually spend Easter time in your home country and what you enjoy most about it?

My family and many other Christian families go to church on Easter, services are different from the Sunday service where we would have a normal day at church, so on Easter, it is usually shorter. We are reminded of the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. After the service at around 12pm, we have lunch as a family and from there it is life as normal.

What I enjoy about this day is firstly we get to spend time with family, also as Christians, we are always reminded of the love shown to us through the death of our saviour. We also enjoy the break as it is usually a long holiday, we get chances to rest from work or school.


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